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Dress Code

Dress Codes Are Strictly Inforced

*Please note, there will be no reimbursements given if guests are not following dress code standards.*

What Not To Wear:

     No Hats 
          No T Shirts of any kind
          No Sneakers / Expensive shoes that look like sneakers . 
          No Jerseys of any kind
       No Athletic Wear of any kind
           No Ripped Jeans 
       No Jeans Shorts, Cargo Shorts or shorts of any kind


What Not to Bring:

  No Make-Up in glass containers (Lipsticks, Lip Balms, etc)
      No Glass Objects

       No Vapes and Vape Juice/s

       No Contraband (Weed, Drugs, etc)
       No Over Counter Medicine (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc)
       No Prescription Drugs/Medicine
       No Liquids (Perfume, Lotion, Skin Oil, Water, etc)
       No Gum, Candy, Mints, Gummy Bears, etc
       No Eye Drops
       No Outside Drinks (Please leave your cups on the bus)
       No Food (They serve food there in case the hunger kicks in)
       No Electronic Fans (If you are hot, dip into the cool water)
       No Flasks or drinking containers of any kind (if you really like and love your signature cup, don’t bring it)
       Don’t bring backpacks, large or medium sized bags and purses. Keep it simple!
       Don’t bring your own towel
       No cameras or video recording equipment


What Not To Do:

    Don’t stand in line with your drink in your hand!
       Don’t throw or leave your cups outside the venues!
       No littering, while in line or inside the venue


*Supreme Club Tours is not responsible for transportation back to the check-in venue.*


Acceptable Attire

Las Vegas mens acceptable attire
Casual outfit for Las Vegas club and party scene
Las Vegas Supreme Club Tour attire
Party Attire for Las Vegas Club scene
Girl in black dress just landed in McCaren Airport ready to party at Drias night in Las Vegas, NV
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